1. Enable Wi-Fi Assist

Acer announced six new Chromebooks today, ranging from $400–$900.

Comprehensive international study on rewilding has practical tips to re-establish nature.

The sun shines through the treetops in the Arnsberg forest in Germany.

Acer expands its “antimicrobial” portfolio.

What does “antimicrobial” mean, anyway?

Adding storage could allow solar to produce nearly half of China’s electricity.

All that’s missing are some batteries.

The 536-hp electric sedan is more powerful than an M3.

Apple is still testing iOS and iPadOS 15.1, which will include new features.

Apple’s annual update is leaner than usual, but that’s OK.

Recycling electronics is a messy business. Apple’s recycling robot wants your old iPhone

Photo by Amjith S on Unsplash

As an addendum to our iOS 15 review, we look at what’s new on the iPad.

Photo by refargotohp on Unsplash

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